GizmoPhotos // Eric Gzimalowski (Gym – allow – ski) is more than just a man with a complicated last name. He is a passionate well-equipped, talented artist driven by creativity and vision.



    What started off to be a playful hobby of mine has help mold me into the person I am today. I can’t describe the feeling I get when I have a camera in my hand other than complete. When I am not shooting I am thinking about shooting and I am blessed to have found my passion.



    As a cinematographer, it is our job to direct your video and depict the shots from the viewers perspective. When creative minds and talented camera operators come together to shoot a project we all have one thing in mind — tell a story and make an impact.



    We offer various packages that we are sure will fit just about any budget you might have. We have the capabilities to shoot just about anything you can think of, so please if you have any questions be sure to email us today. To learn more about these packages and what we offer CLICK HERE



    As a photographer and videographer I like to question everything. I like to understand how things work, why they are how they are, and how it affects what I do. Here at GizmoPhotos we do our best in the creative process to as original as possible bringing something new to the table each time.

GizmoPhotos is a photography & video business that is run with integrity, professionalism and quality. With a unique eye and innate creativity ability to capture life-moments, whether it be candid, real-world, portraiture, wedding, events or any occasion deemed worthy of capturing in time forever, Eric can transform that moment into a spectacular high-quality photograph or video.

Skills // Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Aperture etc.

  • Rachel Eve Kitchen & Bath 2014-97

    Kitchen & Bath Design

  • Rosita & Mark Maternity Shoot 2014-27

    Rosita & Mark’s Maternity Shoot


    Shaun + Carolyn

  • Christine

    Christine & Alex Abad

  • Paris Furnishings

    Paris Furnishings Gallery

  • Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 2.04.21 PM

    Wedding Planning / Day One

  • Karin + Ryan

    Karin + Ryan Goude

  • Samantha's Wedding-25

    Samantha & Michaels Wedding 2013

  • GizmoPhotos-19

    Interior Photos

  • RUBBS Catalog 2013 - Cover

    RUBBS Catalog

  • Aisha Daley - Photographer Biography 2012

    Day in the Life

  • 433851121_295

    PSA – Children’s Care Center

  • M55 Terminus

    M55 Hybrid Bike

  • The Kreepi Tiki Tattoo

    Kreepi Tiki Tattoo Shop

  • Secret Entourage / Pejman Ghadimi

    Secret Entourage // Interview

  • WILD HARE Salon & Spa


  • 621287_392381300832090_313137303_o

    Erik & Maria Martino

  • 131380_377633155659410_2094398355_o

    Aisha Daley

  • GizmoPhotos Promo

    GizmoPhotos Promo

  • Mothers Day

    Mothers Day

  • Leanne & Matt

    Matt + Leanne

  • Interior Bathroom

    Interior Montage

  • Kitchen

    Paris Furnishings Video

  • Vintage Decor-6

    Vintage Party

About this Blog // Keep up-to-date with where we are and what we're shooting next in the news section of the site. We will also do our best to give feedback about new products as well as what our thoughts are for new stuff to come.


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    I love this Kickstarter project I was just introduced to and I think that I will plan on backing it for sure. So many us think that in order be a success, we MUST come up with a new & fresh ideas. When in reality we just need to become educated on the pioneers and what they have left for us to build on.

    Check out this Kickstarter project for a new lens that I think will be a for sure HIT in the photo and video community no matter who you are or what you shoot.

  • CANON 35MM 1.4 II

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    For quite some time now Canon has yet to put out an updated version of their 35mm 1.4 USM. As of right now it is said that the mark ii version of this lens is currently in testing but is not known of when it will be seen in the marketplace. This lens will replace the 24mm 1.4. As an a standard lens to have in the bag I am excited about Canon upgrading this already said to be perfect piece of glass and will be for sure renting one out as soon as the announcement is made of the release.


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    A very exciting piece equipment was already backed for more than $20,000 today. The LUMU is a light meter that connnects to your iphone and uses it’s own app for  displaying the information from light meter. This is revolutionary for photographers because before the LUMU photographers would have to spend over $300.00 for a light meter that was the size of the iPhone itself and only took batteries. With the LUMU being introduced you will be able to monitor your light source for under $150.00 that plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone. With the LUMU you will have functionalities that allow you to record settings, make notes & even upload to the cloud all from the app itself. It doesn’t surprise us that this project has already been backed very quickly and will soon be available to customers this year.

    If you are interested in getting one of these yourself click the link below and head on over to there Kickstarter page and back the project for a discounted rate of $99.00 to receive a LUMU once they are produced.

    Link to LUMU Kickstarter project


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    It has been said that Canon will soon be joining the ranks of the high megapixel ranks. This 1 series body is expected to produce between the range of 39MP – 47MP. Some sources have even gone as far to say there might even be a possibility in witnessing a 50+MP sensor. This camera sounds AMAZING but I will stay curious to hear about the frames per second as well as what video shooting capabilities this Megapixel monster will carry onboard.

    You can read more details and learn where I heard about this if you are interested from

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