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What’s always made life so precious to me is its fragility. Like a vapor, it is here one day and gone the next. And at the end of our story, it seems our most valuable possessions are moments and memories.

What I’ve always loved about photography and videography is the ability to preserve a moment in time. To press pause. To remember. To travel back to another day. The ability to capture a feeling so it can be felt again. The ability to call to the present a time of the past – for us and for generations to come. To tell a story.

At Gizmophotos, we consider it a blessing to tell your story – including the story of your business. We offer services to promote or feature your organization through photography and video.Whether you are looking to capture a personal moment in time or highlight your business or organization – Gizmophotos provides a set of personalized services to meet your needs.


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Eric Gzimalowski

Shooter + Editor

I am passionate about great storytelling and consistent quality. I love to problem solve and work with my clients to get outcomes that best benefit their business and generate exposure. I love to work with small business owners looking for help in the creative department whether it's design, photography or film. I enjoy being as hands on as possible and believe that a creative director should set their craft to the highest standard.

I love implementIng technology into marketing ideas and strategies. Coming from a background in print design, I know how important it is to keep up with the latest systems, software & equipment. Here at GizmoPhotos we work with only the best equipment to deliver stunning high quality products.

In my spare time I love to spend time with my beautiful wife that I am so blessed to be able to work with and call my partner. I also enjoy watching short documentaries and stories. My favorite kind of story to see is one about how someone came to know my God.

Christyn Gzimalowski

Office Manager

As a project manager Christyn is always on the ball keeping things running smoothly her in the office. She is always on the front lines of the project making sure that things are running on time and that the client is satisfied and things go according to plan. She handles everything from scheduling, accounting, designing and ensuring that the team is fully caffeinated at all times.

Rudy "The Rude"


At GizmoPhotos we make sure to keep your projects in a safe location at all times. While we're not around Rudy is on guard 24 / 7 making sure your files are safe and in good paws (But seriously we backup everything in a fireproof safe.)

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Nicky DeSilvio

Nicky DeSilvio

Marketing + Creative Director / Wild Hare Salon & Spa

GizmoPhotos is a a fantastic production company to work with, high integrity and trustworthiness, pride and attention to detail in all of their work. GizmoPhotos has worked on several projects with us each being unique in concept and location and each time they did an outstanding job. As a creative designer sometimes your vision gets lost in translation when dealing with a photographer. This was not the case with the team at GizmoPhotos, they took my ideas and soared. I would highly recommend them to anyone whose ideas and design concepts are important to them.

Christine Abad

Christine Abad


My experience with GizmoPhotos was astonishing! I got more than I expected, and I am forever grateful! Eric captured such important moments in my life. Not only did he catch the emotion that went with it his perspective is beyond the normal and he makes great masterpieces with it. I do not have one complaint. He communicated when the time got close. He made sure he knew what I was looking for and then went and did things beyond what I could have imagined. Thanks for all your hard work, Eric. It meant the world to me!

Aiysha Daley

Aiysha Daley

Photographer / Love Daley Photography

My experience with Gizmophotos was absolutely amazing! From my first conversation with Eric he had my complete trust and confidence that the project we were working on would be phenomenal! Which is super important to me, because if I couldn’t trust him the experience would have not been as fluid. He answered all my questions with patience and responded to each concern immediately. He is a great artist and it is not only evident in the final product he creates but in the conversations had with him you can tell this is his first love. I have recommended him to all my friends and can’t wait to use him again!

 Rachel Caplan Logue

Rachel Caplan Logue

Kitchen + Bath Designer / Rachel Eve Design, Inc.

I have been working with Eric from Gizmophotos for a few years now. I consider him my go-to photographer for all of my business needs. Not only are his photos beautiful, but he is extremely professional as well. He always gets back to me promptly and I can trust him to go to any of my client's homes. It's nice to work with someone who cares about their work as much as you do. Eric has truly helped to make my business look more professional. I would recommend Eric in a heartbeat.